Professional Services

As a facilitator of Network Construction we offer a range of services to add value to your project and allow your organisation to focus on its core activities

  • Project Design, Civil and Technical
  • Grid/FOG Design
  • Duct/Tube Network Design
  • Product suitability and costing analysis
  • Project Management
  • Project specific H&S Plans
  • Commissioning and handover Documentation


MultiMedia Communications can add significant value to your organisations infrastructure requirements by way of an integrated design, build and project management services. Being a concise Company, we can readily reorganize when required to implement a particular time critical project through to fruition.  As a facilitator of network construction we offer the following professional services:

  • Project Design
  • Total Project Management Testing, Commissioning and Documentation
  • Cost Control and Invoicing Systems
  • Site Specific and Quality Assurance Planning

We provide assistance by:

Becoming a single source for your entire Communication, Fibre, Data and Electrical Network needs, MultiMedia Communications, is the only Telecommunications Company in Canterbury that presently provides all of the following services:

  • Civil Network Design and Construction
  • Copper Cable insertion, Jointing and Testing
  • Optical Fibre Splicing, analysis and commissioning
  • Wireless system implantation
  •  Voice/Data installation services
  • Structured Cabling Solution
  • Security Solutions and systems
  • Mains and UPS Power systems
  • Transmission Room Rack Construction and cabling
  • Property Management Services
  • Consultancy regarding network, infrastructure and cost saving alternatives
  • Negotiation with local authorities Service Authorities, Government Departments, Property owners, Tenants and the like to ensure ongoing project facilitation
  • Electrical installation and servicing
  • Fault diagnosis and restoration
  • Air Blown fibre Systems

Throughout the years that we have been involved in the Communications Industry we have always aimed to make sure that the latest advances in technology were applied to Customers, helping to make them more cost-effective and successful businesses.